Umai Means Yummy 美味い

We are proud to be Winnipeg’s first mochi donut shop. We are excited to introduce Winnipeg to a new, chewy, and delicious taste of donuts with a Japanese twist.

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What are Mochi Donuts?

The Mochi Donut is a tasty fusion between American donuts and Japanese mochi. Mochi donuts are different from normal donuts by their unique form and chewy texture.

Our donuts are crispy on the outside while, soft and fluffy on the inside, with an irresistible chew. They form a characteristic Pon de ring (ポンデリング) shape.

Our Donuts June 5 - June 18

Buko Pandan *NEW*

A dip in pandan-infused glaze, and generously topped with creamy buko (young coconut) strips

Vietnamese Coffee *NEW*

Dipped in a coffee glaze and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk

Original Glaze

A timeless classic, always warm and sweet.

Pork Floss Furikake

This one's for the umami lovers. Honey mayo glaze, savoury pork floss, and a sprinkle of furikake seasoning.

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo glaze goodness with a cream cheese swirl and a sprinkle of cookie crumbles for that extra crunch

Chocolate Pocky

Smooth dark chocolate glaze topped with irresistible Chocolate Pocky pieces⁠

White Rabbit

Dipped in a smooth white rabbit candy glaze and sprinkled with milk crumble

Mango Passion Fruit

A tropical mango & passion fruit glaze crowned with a swirl of light buttercream.⁠

Food Allergy Warning

Our donuts are prepared on site, where they could come into contact with potential allergens. Please note that our mochi donuts might contain allergens including wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts and peanuts.

Our donuts do contain eggs, dairy and gluten.

always hot and yummy


  • Sweet & Clean Ingredients

    Our donuts are crafted in small batches using only the finest and all-natural ingredients. Enjoy these knowing you’re about to enjoy a top-notch treat.

  • Made Fresh Daily... and In Front of You!

    All of Umaido’s donuts are made in-house daily so we can guarantee each and every one will be fresh, hot and chewy. Watch our donuts being rolled, deep-fried, and glazed right in front of you!