Our Story

Yummy Mochi Donuts

Meet Hanako and Mochiko

Hanako and Mochiko, two sisters from Nara, Japan, wanted to surprise their mother with a unique and special gift. Hanako loved flowers and could name every variety by heart. Mochiko was obsessed with baking and was always in the kitchen preparing delicious goods.

A Special Gift

The girls decided to combine both of their passions to create a special gift to show their love for their mother. Hanako picked the most beautiful flowers while Mochiko brought her favourite mochiko flour. They planted the ingredients in their backyard and anxiously waited to see what the outcome would be.

A Mochi Donut is Made!

The next morning, they found the most beautiful and delicious mochi flower donut in their backyard! They decided to plant some more, this time not only for their mother but for all of their friends and neighbours.


Inspired by the Japanese term for “good” or “delicious” (“umai”) and the dough of a donut, we created the name “Umaido”